Slot Overview: Megahops Megaways

Booming Games’ Megahops Megaways slot was reviewed alongside two similar games, Zicke Zacke and Octobeer Fortunes, both of which were developed by competing developers around the same time. It meant that we had run out of snappy one-liners with which to start, and were becoming tired of sifting through web resources in search of replacements. Rather, let’s simply jive our way onto a digital bench and check out the drinks that Booming Games offers in Megahops Megaways.

Megahops Megaways takes place in what appears to be a cozy beer hall, complete with chairs, tables, mugs of beer, barrels, flags, and (maybe) pretzels hanging from the ceiling. The soundtrack is provided by an upbeat oompah band, and a similarly upbeat female voice serves as an occasional voice over to inform when various features are active (probably the barmaid character). Megahops Megaways isn’t exactly a must-see on the tourist map, but it does have a welcoming, beer-soaked vibe.

Players may choose wagers from 10 cents and £/€25 every spin, and they can get soapy on any device. One of the more striking features of this medium-high volatility slot is its preset RTP of 96.7%. Meanwhile, the action unfolds over a 6-reel Megaways gaming panel, where the amount of symbols on each reel varies from spin to spin (from 2 to 7). The number of winning combinations ranges from 64 to 117,649, depending on the number of symbols now visible.

The reels of Megahops Megaways have nine standard pay symbols. The first five are the “minor” symbols, and they pay out between 0.4 and 0.7 times the initial stake for a full house of six of a kind. The last four are the “majors”: a sweets and pretzels character, a classic beer hall dude, and a cleavage-barbie type. The payout for a six of a kind is between one and two times the original wager. Beer mug wilds may be used in place of any other symbol on the reels (with the exception of the free spins scatter tile) to help players complete winning combinations.

Slot Game Features in Megahops Megaways

Features of Megahops Megaways include free spins that can be activated and three random modifiers.

Beer Cannons

Full reels of wild symbols can appear on any spin by selecting one or more adjacent reels at random. The numbers 2, 4, and 6 are all fair game for this.

Huge Improvement

On every given turn, 1-4 of the high-value symbols will also be chosen at random. All visible instances of the selected symbols become wilds when the reels stop.

Maximum Megaways

When this function is used, all seven rows of each reel are used to create the 117,649 Megaways.

Bonus Turns

Finally, look out for the free spins scatter symbol. Free games of 10, 12, or 15 spins are awarded for landing 4, 5, or 6 scatter symbols. If you get three scatters while in free spins, you’ll get an extra five free games. Based on the game’s paytable and restrictions, the extra feature does not offer anything that is absent from the main game.

Final Say on Megahops Megaways Slots

While we were feeling a bit tired of Oktoberfest slots, it was evident that Booming Games was not. Megahops Megaways isn’t Booming Games’ first foray into the bierhalle, if you believe the studio’s past history. Booming Games has released a few additional titles with similar themes: Wunderfest, Wunderfest Deluxe, and Octoberfest. The popularity of stein-slamming games makes it easy to see why the developers of Megaways decided to focus on what they knew best.

It’s doubtful that the extra features included in Megahops Megaways were a reach for the studio if the theme decision wasn’t. None are truly must-have, and most just involve adding wild symbols to the reels. To be fair, there can be up to three wild reels in play at once, although the low symbol values mitigate this to some extent. The highest premium is also rather low. The free spins feature is also lacking, since no extra features are included to boost the excitement, such as cascades or a progressive win multiplier. It’s actually simply some more turns in the main game. certain players may like the regularity with which features occur in Megahops Megaways, and the game has certain positives, such as a reasonable RTP value by default (though this can be lower depending on where you play, so careful). However, free spins activated regularly during certain sessions and never at all during others. The game’s potential isn’t terrible—not huge for a Megaways slot, but certainly not as good as the ‘Win more than 8,888x’ claim.

at conclusion, Megahops Megaways has some of the appeal you’d expect to find at a bar, with many of the images and sounds present. However, Megahops Megaways is missing that certain something that would make it truly exciting. There is no game-changing element to look forward to or sense that you’re approaching some weird crescendo. Instead, Megahops Megaways just does what it wants, like returning to a pub that’s out of Märzen and has to settle with serving a weaker beer.

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